fMRI Stimulus Delivery System

Click each image for a larger view of the fMRI console system

MRA has developed a fully integrated fMRI stimulus delivery system for both clinical and research facilities. The complete system includes the fMRI stimulus delivery console, Windows XP computer system, patient response hand switches, video projection into the MRI bore, and MRI compatible patient headphones. All wiring into the MRI shielded room is connected through filters on the lab panel. The radio frequency shielding of the MRI room is not compromised by any of this equipment.

The video projection system can be tailored to meet the design of your current MRI room. The preferred method is projection through a wave guide aligned with the center of the MRI bore. The projector can also be installed inside the radio frequency shielded room. An RF shielded projector housing is available for those rooms that do not have a projector wave guide available.

All systems and audio/video switching is integrated into the user friendly fMRI stimulus delivery console.


Click each image for a larger view of the fMRI console system installation

Contact Dennis Presky for more details on the fMRI Stimulus Delivery Console.

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