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The intent of this document is to present a description of an MRI compatible video camera system with interface to a 42 inch Digital Plasma technology display device. This system is used to replace or supplement the View Window normally installed in an MRI Scan room. The window represents a substantial reduction in Radio Frequency shielding effectiveness and has proven to reduce signal to noise ratio during fMRI studies. The system is also used to improve the view of Patient activity and other equipment inside of the scan room.

The cameras are contained in Radio Frequency Shielded housings with power line filtering and fiber optic transmission of video to control room. Two views are provided using separate camera units. Both lens are variable focal length and focus using manual adjustment. The range is limited by lens selection, a choice of telephoto or wide angle is available. The camera units are operated in and R F Test room to certify housing performance after assembly. Additional cameras can be added as required.

The first generation system was developed by MRA for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, MR Research Facility and has been in operation for ten years. The second and third generation systems were developed for Kennedy- Krieger Institute at Johns Hopkins Medical Center. The KKI facility is being utilized as a product development and Beta test site. This 3rd generation system utilizes the latest technology in CCD Color video cameras with high infrared sensitivity as well as extended dynamic light range. This allows the camera to produce images in near total darkness.

Video is sent over a high performance fiber optic interconnection system to the control room area where it will be displayed on a 42 inch Digital Plasma technology display device. This device includes an electronics package that provides sequential display of all camera views as well as a digital quad display generator. A digital video recorder is also provided to document activities within the scan room as well as the control room. This device is also connected to the facility computer network to allow access to video records by authorized users using high level security. The standard configuration for the Electronic View Window System utilizes the 42 inch Digital Plasma display device. However, the actual display device size can vary to meet the available size requirements of your MRI control room.

MRA Incorporated has been involved in the design of RF and magnetic shielding for MRI, Sleep Labs, Computer Facilities, Deep Space Research and Communications Systems. A partial list of clients include the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Johns Hopkins, Georgetown University, Kennedy-Krieger Institute Functional Brain Imaging Center, Northwestern University, University of Maryland at Baltimore, Dartmouth College fMRI facility, National Institutes of Health, SUNY Medical Center, SUNY Institute for Human Performance fMRI Facility, University of Alberta, Cross Cancer Institute at The University of Alberta, University of Texas Medical School.

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